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anthony recenello

Wolf + Garden Coach and Founder


Anthony Recenello
Social Development Coach


Anthony Recenello is a social development mentor.

He runs the world’s most successful program on mastering the art of meeting great people.

Wolf+Garden is Anthony’s new lifestyle network for men.

He’s creating entertaining, useful shows and monthly, live events on living well.



Influencers ⏤ S1 E1

david wagner

I interview spiritual guru David Harshada Wagner for a beach rendezvous on a broken surfboard and we discuss if manliness has a place in spirituality.

Wolf In The Garden ⏤ S1 E4

Picking Up Women In Times Square

Our hero Paul looks to meet women while being deviant in nature. The exercise for him was to be as unattractive and offensive as possible without actually threatening anyone. It worked. If he owned it 100% he could get women interested.


dating advice for a blind 22-year old

“Any advice for a 22-year-old blind person looking for a date? That being me. Either I get ignored or she decides to go up to me and is afraid, or embarrassed, or something to that effect.”

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Episode 14 – July 5, 2016


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