“Why I’m the most boring dating coach in the world.” OR “Why I love and respect GOB from Arrested Development.”

I'm out at bars every night of the week mentoring clients. And every night I see a guy from the PUA community pick up a girl and spin her around. It's the new technique guys are doing. Years ago, it was the "neg." Now that's been put down. Another popular one is instantly grabbing a girls hands from the beginning while talking with her. It's supposed to create a "connection" and force "attraction" more quickly. Another year it was high-fiving a girl, a long time ago it was "cocky/funny" and using scripted routines. There's always a new kid on the block with a new gimmick.

The 4-Hour Girlfriend: If Tim Ferriss Was A Dating Coach Part 2: How to Have Extreme Confidence

This post is the most important part of meeting women that you will ever learn. Without this puzzle piece fitting snugly into your psyche, you are bloody done for. Most guys ignore this part thinking it’s something they can overlook. Beginners don’t realize that this is what makes up all of it. This is the meat and potatoes. This is the eggs to the batter. The chickpeas in my falafel. If you don’t master this stuff, everything else will be a failure. And it’s so simple too. But time and time again, this is what I see missing from all of my students. Read with heed, please.

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