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What is
Anthony Recenello’s
Wolf & Garden?

Imagine a lifestyle network focused on creating entertaining, useful programs for men on how to live a good life. Now imagine that network exclusively on the internet, accessible from all of your devices. Weekly shows along with live monthly events around the country. Cancel your subscriptions to vapid, boring men’s magazines and flip to the Wolf & Garden channel.


Dating + Social

Wolf in the garden

Each season, Anthony Recenello takes on a new student in learning to become a charmer. Watch the trials and tribulations stack up as each episode is released.

Dating + Social


Hosted by Anthony Recenello, Wolfletter answers your specific questions in detail to make sure we get your issue handled. It’s like your own personal video coaching session.

a variety of experts

As experienced as they are engaging, our group of experts host quality weekly shows you'll be proud showing to friends.

Each one of them live to teach, and you are able to enroll for paid dedicated training as well as download their incredible products.

all walks of life

From photography to dating to food to business, our scope is endless because so is your hunger for learning and excellence.

Watch the shows and the channels that interest you. And because it's Wolf + Garden, you know it's of the highest quality. Never waste time searching for the right expert or webshow again.

Events and workshops

Because Wolf + Garden is inherently social, we host events every week from parties, to film screenings, to workshops, private dinners, and seminars.

Everything is catered to helping you become a more experienced, attractive man.