What is Wolf & Garden?


2012 Wolf & Garden Alumnus Testimonial

Wolf & Garden is a long-term, private, and fully-immersive social development program for men in New York City. What kind of men? Not the “bros” who are slamming beers against their heads at sports bars at happy hour after work and have their eyes glued to the TV screen.

We work with the successful, passionate, creative professionals in the city who have things to say and are looking to make their stamp on the world.

The men who’ve spent so much time refining their craft during their lives, whether they’re an entrepreneur, executive chef, actor, writer, artist, salesman, store owner, or in finance, they just didn’t have time to bring their dating and social lives up to par. It’s time to change that.

This isn’t some pickup artist bootcamp you take for the weekend, learn their cookie cutter method and then cut off all communication with you. This is a mentorship program where we train the best in life how to have the best dating lives–whether its chatting up a cute lady at a club or dominating the room while at a networking convention.


But we take it further than that. We teach you how to meet the people that match the life you envision. A woman you can be proud to bring around your friends and colleagues. And because we know that the five people you spend the most time around are the ones who mold who you are as a person, we show you how to form your own social circle with people that you look up to and can learn from.

I’m Anthony Recenello, and I’ve been teaching dating and social skills non-stop since 2006. All my life I’ve had social anxieties, and because of that, I spent my entire adult life treating myself like a human guinea pig; experimenting in bars, parks, parties, dates, and business conventions. I’ve read all the books on self-actualization so you don’t have to. I’ve trained hundreds of amazingly talented men, much more talented than me, how to take advantage of their creative, interesting side and leverage it to influence their dating and social lives.

What type of men become Wolf & Garden men? The men who have spent their entire lives becoming who they wanted to be, and now have decided to take time to focus on their lifestyle before it became too late. These aren’t men who are socially challenged and can’t put two words together. In fact, the complete opposite.

A Wolf & Garden man already has most of what it takes to meet the women he wants to meet, but there’s just that one thing that’s eluding him.

That one thing is what I call a blind spot. Everyone has one, and I’ve spent my entire professional life learning how to spot them in the people that I work with–and then quickly fix them. These are the issues that make you say to yourself,

“I’ve followed every piece of advice I’ve ever heard, and I still can’t figure out why I’m not getting results!”

It’s not your job to figure that out–it’s my job. It’s what I get paid for each and every day. Your job is to smack your head after I tell you what you would have never noticed on your own and then follow me as I set up a solution and work with you to replace it with a new, mentally healthier one.


Now, Wolf & Garden isn’t only a development program, but also a community of like-minded men who can learn from each other, grow from each other, and foster strong relationships with each other. Remember fraternities? Imagine how that would look like as an adult in your city. Instead of doing kegstands together in old, falling-apart frat houses, Wolf & Garden men are convening at high class clubs and going to art galleries, launch events, and private parties together after work. We provide a small, talented community to get you started on the right track so you don’t have to flounder at the beginning.

Real-life Hitch NYC

But what goes on during the program? I meet up with you one-on-one each week at bars, clubs, bookstores, and parks, and over the course of several months, we work on that blind spot whether its in your conversation, your look, your body language, or your mindset. This isn’t a strictly business relationship we’ll have between each other. Each one of my clients is a friend of mine, and opposed to other places where your relationship ends when the session is up, I never clock-out with you.


Wolf & Garden mentors you on how to have a rich social and dating life without the use of cheesy pickup lines, routines, insults, teasing, showing off, and even more, we teach you how to live this life without having to rely on alchohol as your crutch. This is all clean, advanced confidence and conversation skills that you will not find anywhere else. Why? I’ve been refining and perfecting this social system for years, cutting away the crap and continuing to sharpen the method further each day.


There’s one problem to all of this though. Though I work with several people here at Wolf & Garden to keep things moving smoothly, I will not allow you to be mentored by just anybody, so there is a short list of Wolf & Garden men I can train each year. We dedicate everything to our members and will not oversaturate (OR water-down our committment to) our prestigious list of clientele. If you want to change your social life and begin meeting the types of people you really want, instead of the “same old same old,” sign-up below or call me at 917-397-2986 to talk to me or one of our team members so you can get in with me now rather than not at all.

How do you apply? In the message box below, mention what you’re looking to achieve in terms of your social and dating life. Also tell me your availability to meet for an interview. I will get back to you before the end of the week with a proposed date and time.