“He will coach you through the
finer points of talking the talk
and walking the walk.”

–Morgan Spurlock, CNN

Anthony Recenello


Contributor + On-Air Expert


Anthony Recenello


Anthony Recenello does one thing better than anyone
in the world:
Teach you how to meet amazing people and then start relationships with them.

Wingman for Hire

by John Leland, excerpt from The New York Times, May 16, 2014

Mr. Recenello said he wants to nurture “the new charming gentlemen. It used to be guys like Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra, who had charm and weren’t disrespectful to women. And taking away this idea that in order to be attractive to a female you have to be some type of arrogant, disrespectful man. It’s about appreciating women and bringing them up, not bringing them down.”

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A letter to those who may be interested—

First and foremost, I believe you are enough. I have no tricks or lines for you. Over the past twelve years, I’ve become the best at getting people to reveal the real person on the inside that may be dormant. Then, I teach you to refine the person. Then, I help you pinpoint and find the type of people in which you’re interested. Finally, you get to meet those people. Because I’m so good at the basics, so damned good, you don’t need anything other than the personality you already have sitting with you right now.

There is absolutely nothing that is as powerful as my programs in regards to dating, learning a bit of natural charm, and forming new relationships⏤intimate, friendly, or in business. I know there are videos on the internet with ridiculous people who may be giving you ridiculous advice that feels weird to you. It doesn’t feel like you. I know this. I know how to take simplistic teachings and concentrate them where you will be only learning the core of charm and people skills.

For now, I ask you to write me a letter below. Tell me what your life is like. Perhaps we’ll find time to work together.

And remember, you are enough.

Anthony Recenello

A letter to Anthony

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