Coming Late 2017

Master Charm Academy

A twelve-week virtual live school, Master Charm Academy is Anthony’s signature program. It covers everything from conversation, humor, confidence, working a room, finding the perfect partner, and way too much more. It’s designed to be a ‘one stop shop’ to get your dating and social life dialed-in to perfection. Doors open again December 2017. Because there are only 200 spots available, it’s important to get yourself on the waitlist now.

Anthony’s most wicked free program to date. In a little over an hour he promises to absolutely murder your fear of gorgeous women. How? His un-brainwashing techniques and mindsets are made to eradicate fear and anxiety around women with whom you hold high attraction. These methods are widely unused and wildly, powerful.

The Perfect Dating Life

The 3-hour, step-by-step course for how to meet an amazing woman without going to bars, clubs, or using online dating.

The Life-Changing Phonecall

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to video chat with Anthony where he’ll pinpoint the exact issue to which you are blind, and what to do about it.

The cost is $1,000 and subject to change.

The Mentorship

The flagship program made for a man serious about becoming a social master. Anthony is at your service 24/7, whenever you may need him. Taken in-person or virtually, the results are immense.

The Virtual Coach

You are sent a lavalier microphone and secretly record audio of one night out—whether on a first date or mingling at a party. You send-in the audio and within a week, Anthony will return a full audio analysis of everything he heard.
The cost is $1,000 and subject to change.

Special Events

Upcoming live or virtual Wolf + Garden events happening monthly. From dinner parties to seminars and workshops, the community is strengthened here.

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